Media Training for Medical Professionals and Wellness Executives

Deliver Your Messaging with Impact!

Health professionals are in high demand in the media to deliver sharp, informed, and thoughtful messaging to audiences hungry for trusted insights.

The Baker Dillon Group media training team consists of experienced and award-winning TV news professionals driven to strengthen your presentation skills.

Our training program is designed to position you as a credible, authoritative voice in the health and wellness community. Our goal is to ensure you make an impact and as we partner for your success.

Under the leadership of health and wellness journalist and broadcast producer Sheldon Baker, the Baker Dillon Group media team provides in-person training nationwide.

We tailor our media and presentation training to your specific needs, audiences, and objectives, preparing you for a variety of media platforms including television, radio, digital, and print, as well as industry events.

Our Services

What We Do.

Media and presentation training includes the following services:


Preparation session(s) for messaging review


Television interview simulations include live recording with camera and lighting plus real-time playback review


Detailed research, coaching and feedback


Performance analysis and Q&A session


Multiple mock interviews for television, radio, digital and print formats


Detailed session summary, including areas of strength, assessments, and recommendations


What Our Clients Say.

"Sheldon Baker coordinated media training with his network media team for Life Extension's staff doctors in preparation for appearances on the late Suzanne Somers' Balancing Act show. Everything from how to dress, sit, respond to questions and more. His team covered all the bases and made us feel quite at ease. They get my seal of approval."
Michael A. Smith, MD
Director of Education, Life Extension
"Baker Dillon Group (Sheldon Baker) provided the training for our staff doctor that prepared him to convey the real health benefits, in layman's terms, of our dietary supplement products and their ingredients, as well as how to bring our message to life during media interviews."
Mark Priddy
Co-Founder and former President, Richardson Labs

Meet the Team.


Sheldon Baker

Sheldon Baker has served as co-producer of health and wellness television news stories and interviewed leading doctors from educational and medical institutions over the past 30 years. Formerly President of the late Press Club of San Francisco, he was a key member responsible for developing the Club’s leadership events and broadcast promotion. Sheldon’s creative experience currently includes editor-at-large for InnoVision Professional Media’s Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, Alternative Therapies, Alternative Medicine, and Natural Solutions journals, and contributing editor to Nutraceuticals World with his Health E-Insights interview column and NaturAlley Baker Buzz™ celebrity interviews.

Jeff Goldberg

With more than 40 years of experience working in broadcast news, Jeff Goldberg has developed a deep understanding of how to effectively deliver messaging during media interviews, while also preparing for unpredictable or challenging interactions with reporters. Additionally, Jeff knows how to leverage a detailed curriculum composed of various strategies and tactics designed specifically to strengthen media appearances that will inspire audiences and move them to act. 

Kyle Lanningham

Kyle Lanningham is an award-winning photojournalist with over 20 years of experience telling stories around the globe.  Kyle knows storytelling is at the heart of any good video, and he knows what elements are needed to tell a story in an engaging manner. With a career spent logging miles for both national and international broadcasters, he was on location for most major news events in the past two decades. Some of his more recent work shooting and producing sit-down, exclusive interviews include one-on-one talks with Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, Former FBI Director James Comey, and President Barack Obama. His work has been featured on numerous major broadcast outlets including ABC, PBS, BBC, German Public Television, Swedish Public Broadcasting, and Dutch Public Television.

Nery Ynclan

Nery Ynclan is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and international communications consultant. She specialized in media training and presentation training after a career working as a newspaper editor, and network producer for top national media outlets including NBC’s Today show, ABC News and CBS News. As an on-air reporter and anchor, she worked at KCBS-TV in Los Angeles and WPLG-TV in Miami. While serving as a network producer she traveled the globe and coordinated large-scale news projects including FEMA coverage during Hurricane Katrina for NBC News. As a communications expert, she has done everything from train doctors preparing to reveal findings from a Lancet report to training engineering executives at ITER in France, the international fusion reactor plant. Nery has been training Fortune 500 CEOs, health professionals, developers, models, athletes, reporters, and attorneys on how to best present themselves and their brand for more than 20 years.

Alison Starling

Alison Starling is an Emmy-winning lead anchor and reporter possessing more than 25 years of media experience. She has a strong and dynamic presence with the ability to communicate complex topics quickly to a wide audience. She excels under deadline pressure, and possesses considerable public speaking, writing, event management and storytelling experience. Alison most recently was the primary evening anchor for WJLA-TV, ABC 7 news in Washington, DC, and has shown a proven ability to build and maintain long-term relationships with leaders across public and private organizations.